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    About Mediphan

    Mediphan Inc. is a privately held firm that is pioneering technology in support of remote medical diagnostics. In collaboration with physicians at Henry Ford Health System, the company develops the world’s only compact external hardware that enables diagnostic-quality images from ultrasound devices and other medical imaging equipment to be captured, recorded, and streamed over the web. This creates opportunities for remote medical supervision, guidance, and consultation between care providers.

    Mediphan products make it possible for physicians and other medical specialists to provide their expertise – including diagnosis of injuries and other medical problems – to patients in remote locations, such as the the clinic across town, the International Space Station, traveling sports teams, and high-risk regions like on Mount Everest. This significantly maximizes physician resources while reducing the cost of having onsite medical expertise.

    Mediphan’s core products include DistanceDoc™ and MedRecorder™. DistanceDoc connects to the USB port on a medical device such as ultrasound, captures the images that appear on screen at virtually original quality, and transmits these images over the web. MedRecorder captures the images, records and stores them.

    Mediphan is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with field testing conducted at Henry Ford Health Services in Detroit, Michigan, around the world, and in space.