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    Mediphan: Research & Development Center

    Welcome to the Mediphan R&D center. This is the area of our website dedicated to educational materials for our products, and the telemedicine industry. Please feel free to browse the contents below.

    DICOM is a global Information Technology standard that is used in virtually all hospitals worldwide. Its current structure, which was developed in 1993, is designed to ensure the interoperability of systems used to Produce, Store, Display, Process, Send, Retrieve, Query or Print medical images and derived structured documents as well as to manage related workflow. All Mediphan devices are compatible with the DICOM standard.

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    In medical imaging, a picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) is a combination of hardware and software dedicated to the short and long term storage, retrieval, management, distribution, and presentation of images.

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    Image Processing / Pre-Compression
    All Mediphan devices use highly sophisticated pre-compression and pre-processing algorithms to achieve 100% lossless image capture. Read more about our approach, and results.

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